First United Methodist Church Seattle -- original home Leaving Seattle -- headed to Eugene! Pipe layout is drawn in CAD (pipes lay down facing up) Action boxes are drawn in CAD.  Full size templates are used to make parts.
Floor frames are used to allow layouts prior to onsite installation The larger pipes are placed on the floor frame, "smaller" pipes are placed on the larger pipes Wind regulator (on the left) connects to the upper pipes action box Wind regulator on the (right) connects to the lower pipes action box
Pipes are connected to the action with slightly flexible ducts Pipes are fitted with new plates for connection of the ducts Wind duct for pipe #12 is completed Interior of the upper pipes action box (operates the pipes)
Completed floor frame with outriggers.  All parts are stamped to make reassembly quicker. Organ chamber roof is 33' above chancel floor
A vista rarely seen 50' scaffolding tower for hoisting pipes The long, long ladder! Waiting for the largest pipe
Low C has arrived Complete!