Hochhalter, Inc. installed a 1927 Wurlitzer Style D Theatre Organ in a private residence in the hills above Tualatin, Oregon.  Installed in an existing house, an existing bedroom was enlarged (and heightened) and a new entry was added.  The organ speaks into the entry which is around the corner from the organ console.  This distance lessens the intensity of the organ which could be quite powerful without this buffer of space.
The owner writes:

"After a year of playing, the sound of the organ is excellent and I like it better than ever. The pedal bass is good and the good regulation and tuning make playing without tremulants a joy. You were correct in that restoring the instrument to its originally designed condition would be what is needed rather than adding ranks. The variety of combinations that sound good seem almost infinite."

"Thanks again for the superlative job you did on the installation."