As part of a larger remodeling project, a new 75% tin Great 8' Diapason and Pedal 8' Octave were installed.  The lower pipes of these ranks constitute the fašade.  Casework design was by the church's architect, Richard Boyd, AIA of Arbuckle Costic Architects.  The pipe design and layout were by Lanny Hochhalter in consultation with Mr. Boyd.  The new bronze cross was designed and fabricated by Willamette University sculpture professor, Robert Hess.  The chancel remodeling included a large ceramic tile floor in the chancel which has greatly improved the acoustics.

Hochhalter, Inc. has previously installed a three-manual console.  It includes complete MIDI functions and a data filer, which allow the organist to record and play back the organ.  Additional drawknobs are available for future expansion of this 1968 M÷ller organ.  Two new high-pressure reeds -- an enclosed Festival Trumpet on 9" of wind pressure, and a polished bronze horizontal State Trumpet on 7-3/8" of wind pressure -- were installed in 2005.  Photos can be seen here.

Dr. Robert Baker was the consultant for the installation of this instrument in 1968.


"State Trumpet"