Organist Paul Moorefield writes-

Merci Beaucoup!  Gracias!  Thank You!  It's like Christmas with a whole world full of new presents and opportunities.

The distinguishable difference in the mixtures is wonderful--allows antiphonal response between the manuals at a "full organ" and an awesome "power" to the instrument when manuals are combined.

The Swell flute is so serene and speaks so clearly even when the box is closed.

I'm in love with the virile "throatiness" of the Crumhorne.  I expect to hear actual words spoken.  A "solo" stop on the Great--Finally.
Seven additional ranks were added to this 1971 Reuter organ. 

The Great pipes were revoiced for a bolder sound and a new  32' Resultant and Zimbelstern were added. 

The new pipes include a new lower-pitched three-rank Fourniture for the Great; the existing Great Mixture was moved to the Swell. 

A new 4' Harmonic Flute was installed in the Swell. 

An 8' Cromorne was added on the Great manual. 

A 8' Viole Celeste was added to the Swell. 

A Great 8' Trumpet and a 16' Trombone Pedal extension have been added.