Hochhalter, Inc is currently responsible for the tuning and ongoing maintenance of about 75 pipe organs in Oregon and S.W. Washington.  Many of these instruments have been under our care for over 35 years!

Our approach to tuning a pipe organ differs from instrument to instrument.  On some we us an electronic tuner or app, others are tuned entirely by ear.  The best tuning is one that not only sounds good when we are finished, but remains stable over time.

We maintain pipe organs of many makes and action styles, including eleven mechanical action instruments.  These organs represent a complete cross-section of pipe organ builders, including: AEolian, AEolian-Skinner, Austin, Balcom & Vaughan, Bond, Brombaugh, Casavant, Coulter, Estey, Hinners, Kilgen, Kney, Moller, Noack, Reuter, Schoenstein, Schantz, Schlicker, Walcker, Wicks, Wilhelm and Wurlitzer.
Careful Releathering --

These are the valves and pneumatic pouches that activate the pipes. 

The pouches and valves on the right are before, the left are releathered and revalved.  All leather is high-chrome tanned leather.
Restorative repairs to a 1905 mechanical action windchest.